Little Succers, Sydney’s first same-day succulent delivery service has launched another arm of the business – Little Pricks. It is offering same-day cactus deliveries across the city.

Whether you've forgotten your anniversary or just want to decorate your desk, Little Pricks gets you a spiky companion within a few hours.

Order before 11am and receive an adorable cactus. It comes with extras such as a handwritten message or a hand-stitched neon package for $40.

Flowers die, but these cute nine-centimetre by nine-centimetres living gifts can last for years. They require little maintenance and will live a long life as long as you don’t forget about them.

Little Succers is supported by Dream & Do, a creative agency for start-ups, businesses and visionaries. It has worked on more than 100 businesses in the past two years and is supporting the Little Pricks campaign.