Time off is important and everyone should take it very seriously. I got a little signal from my body that I was working too hard in the form of rare temporary blindness. Needless to say, it was a subtle reminder for me to start taking it easy.

The good news is that I now have an in-built early warning system that forces me to take a break occasionally, and in saying so, I have started meditation.

But now that you know all about my predisposition to stress, I will start by saying that the latest Svbscription parcel is not about relaxing. Rather, it’s about leisure and the importance it holds in our ability to relax, which I have come to realise is quite important.

So essentially, this parcel is about doing interesting things that you can never find the space or time for.

To give you an idea of what I mean, and how this is connected to the Broadsheet x Svbscription collaboration, I've pulled together a quick collection of things from my apartment that are loosely applicable to leisure.

None of this content or products feature in the next edition, so there is no point guessing. I'm living quite sparse at the moment as I have been spending a majority of my time overseas. Our [Portable] office is based in New York and I've been to 19 countries over last 12 months, so in line with the idea of leisure on the go, I've picked a few things that I’ll be using over the next two months.

Modern Matter Magazine
Modern Matter covers tech, art and fashion thoughtfully. The latest edition includes contributions by Jurgen Teller, an interview with Tumblr founder David Karp and insightful essays about the internet.

$10 Flip Phone
Whilst Google Maps is ridiculously good, I decided to drop off the radar last year. Leisure time is about doing things that are disconnected from work or responsibility. Featureless phones might make a comeback.

The Macallan Forties Series
Nice booze is a good treat.

Moscot Sunglasses
Sunglasses are good because it means it is sunny outside.

Jerusalem Cookbook
I'm looking forward to having the space to cook something unusual. I'm into peasant food and these recipes are ancient.

Vintage Playing Cards
I was given these cards by my dad and I don't ever use them. He loved cards and I expect that I'll play a lot of cards as I get older.

Leica D-Lux 4
Nice pictures. No filters.

Surface To Air Backpack
If you have time off, I think it is good idea to plan some type of adventure. You will probably need a bag with lots of pockets and zips.

I get asked a lot about how we select the items that go inside the parcels. Over the past year Andrew and Sam (co-founders) have developed an exhaustive process that helps us to curate and develop each edition.

At the heart of the process is a desire to collaborate with brands, designers, artists and publishers who are interested in producing something new or limited.

In the last six months we have worked with established companies and individuals from New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Berlin and Montreal. The parcel is hybrid magazine/parcel/discovery system. Working with Broadsheet on a limited edition parcel connects Svbscription with locals who are doing amazing things.

You can win one of the five limited edition parcels here.

Disclaimer: None of the above items will be featured in the Broadsheet x Svbscription Leisure box, so best you enter for your chance to win one.