The kitchen is naturally a musical place. The percussive sounds of chopping, the hum of ovens, the pop and sizzle of stovetops. Add to this your soundtrack of choice that, like a recipe, works with essential beats and bases, experiments with ideas and flavours and you have yourself a deliciously satisfying experience. It’s safe to say that music and food were made for each other, and selecting the right tunes is often as important as the food itself.

Spotify, one of the world’s largest music streaming services and home to over 24 million users worldwide, is looking to cement and explore the relationship between music and food. Recently they’ve launched Supper. Spotify App, created by digital app agency Artisan Council. Supper. features menu specials curated by noted chefs and interesting venues around the world who, like us, value the importance of music in cooking and restaurants. The app combines tasty recipes with hand-crafted playlists, each recipe featuring two playlists; one for preparation, and one for partying, eating, chatting or whatever makes you happy. To assist with the final presentation, Hipstamatic snaps of the dish and preparation are included with the recipes.

Supper. curators so far include Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn, famous for their NYC Summer Tiki Parties and national radio station. At home in Sydney, Jamie Thomas from Queenie’s Upstairs at The Forrester’s, is serving up beef cheek and Guinness with sweet potato puree and tunes from Augustus Pablo and The Reggae Boys. Patrick Killalea from Panama House in Bondi combines barbecue pork belly ribs with the smooth beats of Outkast and Ice Cube. In Melbourne, The Beaufort are accompanying deep fried pickles with classics from Janis Joplin, The Stranglers and Pink Floyd.

For those interested in working with their own recipes, Supper. also offers stand-alone playlists that match every gastronomic desire, collaborating with artists and labels to create mixes from the likes of Melbourne’s lo-fi 4 piece Twerps, and Australia’s indie dance label Future Classic.