A woman hovers in mid-air, shrouded in fog. A violet wreath shimmers in a sea of grey. Elsewhere, ghost-white bodies take shape under a heavy haze – amorphous creatures that are neither here nor there.

Soliloquy, the latest exhibition by photographer Toby Burrows, is a study in the way dreamscapes can serve as a window to an as-yet-unseen reality. Burrows, who grew up painting alongside Charles Blackman and spent time at London’s Holborn Studios observing David Bailey, has a talent for combining the photographic trace with the ethereal in a way that connects powerfully with the viewer.

This goes some way to explain why Soliloquy might take narrative cues from Pre-Raphaelite imagery and Shakespeare’s Ophelia, but Burrow’s watery nymphs – created via in-camera effects and organic studio techniques – feel as though they’ve been lifted from our collective imagination.

Soliloquy opens July 4 and shows until July 28 at Black Eye Gallery, 2/138 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst.

Tues to Sun 10am–5pm