What is Sydney like in autumn?
The Rabbitohs are warming up for the upcoming season, it’s cool enough to sleep in on Saturday mornings, everyone gets a little more serious and we lose our long afternoon.

Tell us a little about your role.
As the director, my role here has been to rethink what Carriageworks is in Sydney, Australia and internationally. I work with the team to develop and present a contemporary program that reflects and engages the communities of Sydney. I work on developing partnerships with other organisations and artists, and we take our role as the next generation of cultural institution very seriously.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2013 program?
2013 is our biggest program to date following on from 2012, when we more than doubled our visitation. This year I definitely wouldn’t miss Birds with Skymirrors, Ryoji Ikeda’s Datamatics, as well as Doku Rai and Slow Dances for Fast Times and the extraordinary Fight the Landlord.

Why is it important for Carriageworks to offer a multi-disciplinary program?
Contemporary art is no longer defined as distinctly visual arts, performance or music – that is why it is important for us to present works across many disciplines, which supports the scale of the artists’ ambitions.

What is emerging/new/exciting in contemporary arts in Sydney at the moment?
I love the work of some of the new curators. Natasha Bullock’s new show at the Art Gallery of NSW, We Used to Talk About Love, and John Kaldor’s next project, 13 Rooms. There are great new performance makers like Brown Council and Post and younger organisations like the Sydney Chamber Opera. There is also a really strong new wave of Aboriginal theatre (including one of my favourite companies Back to Back Theatre).

Fashion Week has moved to Carriageworks this year. What can we expect?
Carriageworks brings to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia an international standard of venue, within the context of a contemporary arts centre. I think Australian and international audiences will love the new scale and ambition!

245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh