Claire Tregoning, former senior designer at sass & bide, and Marc Hendrick, a graphic designer based in LA, are separated by the Pacific Ocean. Regardless, they’re well versed in creating the kind of products that bring people together. Collaborating with artists across the globe, the pair – collectively Slowdown Studio – create limited-edition cotton throws to encourage people to slow down – and to do so comfortably.

“Our goal is to bring our artists’ work to life in a fun new medium, and to create a really unique product that is used and loved by its owner,” says Tregoning. “Our blankets are functional art, so we want Slowdown to reach everyone who loves art and design.”

The first collection launched last month and is a reflection of the eclectic group of artists involved.

“When we collaborate with artists we often reference their artworks that we love. Sometimes they will work from that and create new art, or they decide they would like to use that particular piece of art for Slowdown,” Tregoning says. “Some people’s art just really resonates with us. There’s not a style in particular that we single out, but generally we lean towards the abstract and art with a bit of character.”

Artists involved with the first collection include Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Saskia Pomeroy, Espen Friberg and Sara Plantefeve-Castryck. The 100 per cent cotton throws are made in the US at a small textile producer in New York. Only 25 of each design are created. Tregoning recommends using the throws as blankets for the couch or to accompany a picnic jaunt, or as wall art.

“It made sense to keep our runs really small and get different artists to design each throw, just so everything we made felt really special,” says Tregoning.

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The full range of Slowdown Studio throws can be seen here. Free shipping worldwide.