For many, a typical Mother’s Day involves coffee in bed and a little gift. This year that tradition might look a bit different, but with some tweaking that set up could still be arranged. Pioneering Sydney-based plant-delivery service Leaf Supply has united with two Sydney businesses to put together a Mother’s Day plant pack with those exact elements.

Leaf Supply’s contribution to the box is a striking monstera deliciosa (Swiss-cheese plant) in a smart pot in your choice of colour: peach, sage or brick. The pack also includes six Single O Kirinyaga Kenya parachutes (coffee bags) and a handmade mug from small-batch Botany-based Open Objects Studio. The handsome pack will set you back $120.

And if you’ve been putting off your Mother’s Day shopping this year, this might be your saving grace: Leaf Supply offers same-day delivery to a bunch of Sydney suburbs, from $10 to $25 depending on the address.

Sophia Kaplan and Lauren Camilleri founded Leaf Supply in 2017 to make plant ownership easy and accessible for people who have limited access to green space (a problem recently exacerbated by strict lockdown laws). The majority of Leaf Supply’s plants are resilient indoor types that are hard to kill, and Kaplan and Camilleri release new plants monthly.

A section of the duo’s website is devoted to plant wares such as these handsome vases, water misters as elegant as they are practical, and chic planters for your new plant babies. Kaplan and Camilleri have even taken their love of plants to the pages of two books, both filled with tips on how to tend to a flourishing indoor garden.

Leaf Supply has also released a host of new plants on its site, including snazzy rhaphidophora tetraspermas and philodendron “Birkins”. And there’s a fresh range of vessels to house your new purchases in, as well as botanical tools, including this cute children’s gardening set and seed packs to tend to while you see out lockdown.