Since launching in October, has proved something of an online phenomenon. The creation of Melbourne duo Shareen Joel and Miranda Lansell, Share Design is a resource specifically designed for DIY interior designers. Part curated catalogue, part blog and part interactive planning tool, it represents a shrewd synthesis of its founders’ distinct talents.

Shareen Joel began her career with the Ford Motor Company after studying industrial and interior design. For 10 years she worked in Australia, the UK and Detroit on a number of high-profile automotive design projects. In 2003, however, she decided to fully turn her attention to interior architecture and design, launching Melbourne-based firm, Shareen Joel Design. Since then Joel has earned a fine reputation for outstandingly clean designs, amassing an enviable client list that includes the likes of Macquarie Bank, Country Road, IXL and Bloom Cosmetics.

Share Design co-founder Miranda Lansell’s involvement in interior design came via an entirely different angle. She began her career in marketing with consumer goods giant Uncle Tobys, helping to launch a variety of major cereal and snack brands. Having always held a love for well-designed spaces, however, she eventually left to join architecture and design firm Carr Design Group, where she would be instrumental in their branding, promotion and communication over 10 years. There, Lansell found herself naturally gravitating towards interior design. She has since undertaken several successful projects of her own and has cemented an admirable reputation as an interior design professional in her own right.

Share Design, then, is a sort of perfect storm. Combining Joel and Lansell’s design and communication experience – not to mention a passion for sharing their knowledge – it was designed to meet a perceived, and unfulfilled, demand for a curated DIY interior design resource.

“I’ve had this idea for quite a while,” says Joel. “I approached Miranda on it because I thought there was an incredible need out there for a online interior design resource where people could put the look together themselves. This is the direction that people want, but they’re just overwhelmed by the number of choices.”

Share Design’s success lies in the pair’s willingness to stick to their strengths. Visitors shouldn’t expect a scattershot collection of disparate aesthetics, but a curated selection that firmly conforms to Joel and Lansell’s professional specifications and tastes.

“Everything was going to be a high integrity of product, “ says Joel. “Whether it’s the most expensive product from an Italian manufacturer, or it’s from Ikea, it must have the same value regardless of cost. Everything has to be individually designed and high quality product ranges with design integrity. There’s a lot of replica companies out there, and that’s not what Share Design is about. Share Design is original.”

The clever inclusion of an interactive storyboarding feature that allows users to create and save a room’s entire look – as well as purchase all the selected items in a click – is indicative of the pair’s genuine efforts to minimise the hassle for DIY interior designers.

Unsurprisingly, Share Design’s popularity has already taken off, and not just in Australia. Scandinavian and Asian users are already flocking to the site in droves, keen to benefit from the expertise of two of Melbourne’s most respected interior design professionals.

While neither Joel nor Lansell have plans to give up their professional practises just yet – the balance of sharing their knowledge and remaining actively engaged in professional design being too good to pass up – their obvious appetite for new ideas means we’ll no doubt be hearing more for the innovative duo.

Share Design is generously giving away an original Anglepoise Lamp 1227 in Black. To win, email us at with the subject 'Share Design' and tell us your favourite item on the Share Design site.