There is no shortage of arts festivals in Sydney, but one of the town’s favourites is Semi-Permanent, an annual creative event at Carriageworks. Covering everything design related, Semi-Permanent presents lectures and panels discussing graphic design, film, art, illustration, web design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics and stop motion.

This year’s keynote speakers include photographer Ben Lowy; all-round creative guy Andrew Denton; co-founder of YEN magazine, Melissa Bergin; VFX whizz Colin Renshaw; and artist and filmmaker Mr Brainwash. There’ll also be a skater you might have heard of – Tony Hawk.

Hawk is a world champion skater and the founder of a multi-billion-dollar gaming franchise. He has his own clothing, skateboard and shoe brands and is the founder of a video-production company and a not-for-profit foundation that builds skate parks for kids in underprivileged areas across the US. He was also the first person to land a ‘900’ aerial (which consists of spinning two and a half full rotations), and hosts a weekly TV show in the states.

Beyond talks by creative individuals, there’ll be a series of workshops, exhibitions and, of course, a couple of banging parties.

And, if you can’t make it to the Sydney event, you can always pop over to Auckland on May 2 for Semi-Permanent’s sister event.

Semi-Permanent runs at Carriageworks from May 22 to 24. Tickets are $35, and are available now at