Over its 20-year history, Sculpture by the Sea has sparkled atop the cliffs of Bondi and Tamarama, along the shoreline of Cottesloe in Western Australia, and, surprisingly, on the Danish coastline in Aarhus. This year, in August, the alfresco sculpture exhibition will also be held at Barangaroo Reserve from August 6–21.

Sculpture at Barangaroo marks the first anniversary of the park’s opening. It will include a selection of 12 works by 15 established and emerging Australian artists.

“We’ve had more than 750,000 people visit Barangaroo Reserve since it opened, and over that time, in a physical sense, the park has grown and evolved, and it will continue to do so,” says Barangaroo Delivery Authority’s public art and cultural panel chair, Gabrielle Trainor. “It's a breathtakingly beautiful, bucolic place for quiet contemplation right in the heart of the city, but [Barangaroo is] also for participating in a program of events and activities.”

Artists whose works will appear include Lucy Humphrey. Her mirrored orb graced the northern cliffs of Tamarama at Sculpture by the Sea in 2013. Ken Unsworth, whose sculptures and lithographs are at the Art Gallery of NSW, will also be involved.

Spread across the six-hectre headland, the work ranges from smaller, intimate encounters, to one installation a soaring seven metres high. Look out for Margarita Sampson’s The Grove – a pair of thatched, pear-shape timber nests, both large enough to crawl into.

A daily program of artist talks will offer insight into each sculpture. “Many of the works will highlight the heritage and geographic significance of Barangaroo, and will encourage visitors to view it and Sydney Harbour from new viewpoints,” says Trainor.

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Sculptures at Barangaroo is part of a broader scheme to enhance the artistic and cultural reach of the new city locale. “We recently announced our first public-art commission,” says Trainor. “Renowned artists and curators Genevieve Grieves and Amanda Reynold will produce a thoroughly engaging multi–media installation to enhance the experience of the site. I can't wait – their work is extraordinary.”

The usual Sculptures by the Sea event between Bondi and Tamarama will run from October 20–November 6.

Sculptures at Barangaroo will be at Barangaroo Reserve from August 6–21. barangaroo.sydney/