Friction challenges us to develop an idea to the point that it surpasses even our own expectations. A Line From a Book or a Song!, photographer Samuel Hodge’s latest show at Alaska Projects, sees a departure from his highly improvised and spontaneous style, with the artist embracing a much more structured backdrop for his lo-fi images shot on film.

In A Line From a Book or a Song!, Hodge’s selection of images are largely informed by his work as fashion photographer for the likes of international publication Fantastic Man and numerous others. Interestingly, despite Hodge successfully straddling both the fashion and art worlds, it was the perceived hostility between the two that provided the impetus for the exhibition.

Additionally, his work in fashion was not just the motivation for A Line From a Book or a Song! – it’s also the form. Hodge has recast memories of friends and strangers, garnered from candid conversations and images found online then re-shot them in a “full fashion context, using the best hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists and working with models and actors”. In direct contrast to this, there is also a selection of text-based works inspired literally by a line from a book or a song, while still maintaining a focus on fashion.

His images have an element of fantasy to them, which also signifies a major change from previous work. Hodge’s work remains personal and raw, but this time is a projection of what, perhaps, could have been. The result maintains a similar honesty to his previous exhibitions but now, with greater awareness of composition, pack an even greater punch.

A Line From a Book or a Song! shows at Alaska Projects until January 20.