Tamara Watts has been sourcing vintage fabrics and turning them into ’60s-style lamps for her label Retro Print Revival since 2009. Featuring prints of pineapples, flamingos, jungle leaves and bright, geometric patterns, these lamps are designed to stand out and draw your eye as soon as you walk into the room.

Since we visited Watts in her colourful mezzanine workshop in Melbourne last year, she has released a new spring/summer collection that features 15 new fabrics, including raw silk and block-coloured canvases for a subtler look.

The Electra table lamp is a new addition to the range, with a base available in three glazes: white, gold or turquoise. The collection also features bedside-table lamps and large floor rocket lamps.

In the past, Watts would source her vintage lamp bases in Australian and overseas markets, but they’re increasingly harder to find. For this new collection she decided to make her own using a combination of earthenware and blackwood.