A housing commission precinct is hardly the first place that springs to mind for a Biennale. But this weekend there’s the chance to experience exactly that. The inaugural Redfern Biennale takes its inspiration from the social media account of Damien Minton Gallery, which profiles the provoking and unintentional beauty in Redfern’s streets.

With a brief that casts its net far and wide, the aim for artists and other willing participants is to create artworks in the housing commission area or to point out what’s already in situ. The day begins by picking up a Biennale map at the gallery, which details the location of each of the works in the area, and then head out on foot to find the compelling and baffling delights.

This Biennale is bound to contain a rich variety of artworks, found objects and unexpectedness. It’s a location which is rarely associated with high aesthetic ambition, but with this “clusterfuck of ephemeral artworks”, as described by Minton, you’re bound to see high art as well as more humble splendors.

The free Redfern Biennale will take place on Saturday March 8 from 11am to 6pm.

Damien Minton Gallery
583 Elizabeth Street, Redfern