The judges of this year’s Good Design Award all agreed that takeaway coffee is a very important matter. Melbourne business frank green and its innovative SmartCup were announced the winners of the 2015 Good Design Award. So the daily dilemma of getting a coffee to-go without the packaging waste appears to be solved.

The victorious product is a reusable and eco-friendly coffee cup that fuses design, form and function with sustainability. It features a double-walled thermo-plastic outer layer that keeps coffee hotter for longer; high-quality recyclable materials that are stain and odour resistant, BPA fee and non-toxic; a spill-resistant design; and is entirely dishwasher-safe.

But the most impressive aspect of the SmartCup is its unique smart chip feature, which provides users a quick and easy way to pay for their coffee; all that's required is a swipe of the lid. frank green developed a world-first app, CafePay, to facilitate the function.

Alongside its sustainability and technological innovation, the SmartCup’s champagne coupe shape and sleek aesthetic was also praised.

On all fronts, the simple- yet cutting-edge design wowed the judges. Founder and owner of frank green, Ben Young, was thankful for the award: “It is an absolute honour to have been recognised for our efforts in such a competitive industry and amongst leaders in design and innovation.”

The SmartCup will launch soon and will be available to use in cafes in Sydney. More information to come.