If the internet is proof of anything, it’s that cats never go out of style. Whatever social media platform you use, you’re sure to come across daily status updates, photos and tweets centred around the love people have for their fluffy, purring companions.

Many artists, it seems, are no different in their ardent love for felines. So much so, that there is now a magazine devoted to exploring different artists and their love of cats.

A bilingual (English and Japanese) publication, Cat People is set up to showcase the work of cat-loving artists, designers, writers and photographers. Publisher Gavin Green was inspired by the fact that there was a dearth of traditionally published material that was both aesthetically pleasing and championed the love of cats.

“I suppose the idea for Cat People arose because we wanted to make the magazine that we wished we could have found in bookshops,” says Green. “That is, a publication that combined a high level of visual literacy and celebrated our obvious love of cats. Jessica Lowe, the other half of Cat People, is a graphic designer and I’m a photographer, so we decided to pool our interests to work on a project together. We also called on our favourite cat-loving writers, photographers, and illustrators to contribute, hopefully creating an inclusive, tactile experience that showcases the beauty of print.”

The first edition features interviews with fashion designers Vivetta Ponti, and Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro, as well as Pip & Pop's Mat Maitland and Tanya Schultz. Most exciting of all is a kitty-inspired photospread from Takashi Homma. Says Green; “We were so thrilled to work with one of our photographic heroes, Takashi Homma. His photo-essay is a beautiful glimpse into Japanese domestic life, showing Takashi's cat, Rani, and his friends’ cats in Tokyo.”

Cat People has also partnered itself with Animal Refuge Kansai, an animal shelter in Osaka. $1 from each copy sold will be donated to the refuge in order to help support their re-homing and rescue activities following the recent spate of natural disasters that have struck Japan.

After making a spectacular debut at the Tokyo Book Fair, where all advanced copies of the magazine were eagerly snapped up, Cat People is now available in Australia. Snap one up today to curl up and read with your closest kitty friends.

Cat People is available from Perimeter Books in Melbourne and online.