Despite all that is pronounced about the online media environment, we’ll always have a soft spot for the page and the printed word.

Tiana Vasiljev understands this better than most, and is spreading the gospel with her boutique Darlinghurst design bookstore, Beautiful Pages. After working in London as a graphic designer, Vasiljev unearthed an endless list of design-related publishing, something she felt was definitely lacking in Sydney.

A lot of hard work and collecting later, she opened Beautiful Pages toward the end of 2012.

Vasiljev has filled her store with all manner of publications including back issues of Monocle and Creative Review, commenting that “the older publications are more design classics that every designer should either know or read”. She also stocks a colourful range of witty posters by artist Stephen Kenny and an Andy Warhol children’s colouring book that needn’t be for children – the list is endless.

Determined to create a unique retail experience, Vasiljev believes that without the tactile quality in design books, you lose everything. “Most of the books that we sell here, designers really need to see them and feel them and smell them,” she says. Take Kilimanjaro Magazine, the London publication that features beautiful photography and articles on crisp sheets of paper that you need to unravel from compartments and inserts. It takes both your hands and eyes to read it, something that is lost in the digital realm.

The small store also stocks designer products such as the profanity-strewn posters, T-shirts, mugs and more by Good Fucking Design Advice (GFDA), created by fellow graphic designers Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher.

Vasiljev is proving that the art of print is not a withering medium, but a strengthened one. There is not much space for frivolous printed publications anymore. Instead we are left with only the best of the print world, a large portion of which can be found inside Beautiful Pages.

Beautiful Pages
114 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9356 2331

Mon & Tues 11am–7pm
Wed & Thurs: 11am–9pm
Fri 11am–7pm
Sat 10am–7pm
Sun noon–6pm