While America’s inexhaustible film industry pervades screens year-round in even the most far-flung locations, Canada’s eclectic national cinema seems to perpetually fly under the radar. That said, their filmic offerings are no less remarkable – and the Sydney Canadian Film Festival is here to prove it.

Now in its seventh year, Possible Worlds is a showcase of 20 features from Canada’s finest filmmakers, handpicked by festival curator Mathieu Ravier. Screening across two Dendy cinemas (and a few other select locations), the program offers a truly eclectic sampling of contemporary Canadian cinema, dipping its toes into the mainstream with ice-hockey comedy Goon and the dark and esoteric with War Witch, a devastating romance set in an unnamed Sub-Saharan country.

The fact that the whole event is organised by all-round fun-makers, The Festivalists, means that the whole experience will be a little less predictable than the usual popcorn munching and soft drink sipping routine. At a United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop screening on Saturday August 18, Australian hip-hop goddess and sometimes SBS presenter Kween G will give a live performance. The screening of Roller Town, a roller disco spoof comedy (and a mouthful to describe) will feature a live burlesque show and a disco party afterward, with prizes awarded for the best 70s garb and most artful limbo attempt.

Sydney Canadian Film Festival runs from August 13 to 19 at Dendy Opera Quays and Dendy Newtown.