Summer is an exciting time to pick from your garden or to wander through a flower shop. There are loads of lush foliages such as Green Beech, Copper Beech, Smoke Bush, Mint, the stunningly bright Dahlias, Cosmos and Garden Roses. With so many foliages around, it makes it easy to arrange a beautiful, garden-style vase arrangement. [fold]

Here’s how:

  1. Fill your jar or vase with fresh water and have your snips handy.

  • Gather your flowers and foliage and prepare by cleaning the leaves off the stems and cutting them on an angle.

  • Start building a foliage base into your vase.

  • Cross your foliage stems over each other.

  • Continue to do this, as it will create a nice support for your flowers and help give your arrangement a full look.

  • Combine different foliages to create texture contrasts.

  • Start adding your flowers in groupings, keeping in mind that they need their own space to bloom.

  • Your foliage base should allow you to put your flowers in position without them moving.

  • Gently place a grouping of your favourite flowers lower in the vase to create a focal point.

  • Continue to place your flowers in, making sure your stems are crossing over each other in the vase.

  • Finish placing your flowers in different spots around your vase.

  • There you have it: a loose garden-style vase arrangement.

  • Poppy will run her Posy Hands flower arranging classes on December 5, 2012 and February 6 and 20, 2013 at Pop & Scott Workshop Cooperative, 27 Hayes Street, Northcote.