Poho Flowers perfectly encapsulates the sensibilities of the two places that form its name – Potts Point and Soho. The aesthetic is idiosyncratic, a little posh and with a wonderful sense of timelessness.

You may already know Poho Flowers, but not in its current form. After a brief hiatus for renovations and a new fit-out to complement the art deco building that houses it, Poho is a different proposition altogether.

Owner Barnaby Wilshier has always been creative. After his degree in fine arts and 10 years working as a fashion photographer in London and New York, the move to floristry 18 months ago wasn’t a big leap.

“It’s just another medium really. I like the immediacy a lot more [than photography] but they are quite similar. It’s a bit more tactile with flowers, but composition, colour and the basic elements are pretty much the same,” says Wilshier.

Most arrangements have a subtle native theme – nothing brash, just delicate bush flowers woven into more traditional bouquets. It’s important for Wilshier to dispel the common association of nature in Australia with dry, hard and dark elements. His focus on native flowers is part of his revised idea for the store, with all flowers sourced from local growers – something he feels passionately about.

His flower arrangements are artistic and spectacular – a gift for the time when words fail to express a deeply felt sentiment.

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Poho Flowers
Shop 2, 117 Macleay Street, Potts Point
(02) 9331 4333

Mon to Fri 8am–6.30pm
Sat 8am–5.30pm
Sun 9am–3.30pm