Shane Thompson remembers spending long Sunday afternoons with his grandfather Albert in his workshop, finding an outlet for his creativity. Drawing on those memories and skills, Thompson has found a solution to a problem that vexes us all: tangled headphones and cables. Thompson is a pilot and is always travelling. He constantly found himself pulling out the entire contents of his bag when searching for his headphones, dropping his belongings all over the terminal floor.

The Cord Roll, designed to house all the cables you need for travelling in one neat leather accessory, is the first product from Afternoons with Albert, a lifestyle-wares start-up of which Thompson is the founder and head designer. “I have a really clear memory of spending a couple of hours every Sunday afternoon with [my grandfather] in his workshop,” says Thompson. “When I was thinking of a name for the company, I knew it was always going to be something to do with Albert.”

The Cord Roll is made from pure-vegetable-tanned leather and is hand stitched. The roll comes in one size, barely wider than your headphones once rolled up. There are three colour options; black, tan and French grey. It comes with three slots for whatever array of cords you have, along with a small pocket to house any other gadgets. Thompson says form isn’t everything when it comes to the Cord Roll. “Function is first, but it isn’t about functionality at the expense of beauty, the two have to be married together.”

To realise his idea, Thompson created a Kickstarter campaign, which has been incredibly successful. The product was completely funded within 11 hours, smashing even Thompson’s ambitious expectations.

Afternoons with Albert plans to extend its range following the Kickstarter campaign, and add an online and retail presence. He’s also considering a synthetic version of the roll, for the vegan market. With this creative pilot at the helm, it is hard not to see this brand continuing upward.