Kicking off on Wednesday July 25 is the latest series of performances by Australia’s leading interdisciplinary arts organisation, Performance Space. The program, called SHOW ON, will run for two weeks at Redfern’s Carriageworks, where six vibrant pieces from six of Australia’s best performance groups will explore the intersection of art, life and popular culture through audience participation, music, dance, live cinema and humour.

“It’s an invitation for audiences to dive into different experiences of contemporary performance, from being immersed in a mixed-reality environment, going to a live music gig or watching the making of a video documentary, SHOW ON is energised, engaging and incredibly exciting,” says Performance Space co-director Bec Dean.

Performance Space operates as an advocate for the interdisciplinary arts sector, speaking out for artists and audiences and the infrastructures that support them. Focusing on arts informed by performance, Performance Space encourages the exploration of the relationships between artist and audience and the social concerns that face society today.

“Interdisciplinary practice brings our parallel lives into stark focus; the imprint we make in our personal, physical and real-life relationships and the information that we leave behind as digital trace. TV and cinema still talks at us, but experimental art practices tend to pull audiences into their making, and addresses them as individuals,” says Dean.

In an ever-consuming digital world, it’s a breath of fresh air to step back into reality and interact on a level that’s deeply fulfilling and unique. Head along to Carriageworks between July 25 and August 4 and get your SHOW ON.

Check out the full list of performances here: