We sometimes forget about flowers in the middle of winter. Their scents, colours and shapes are too tied to spring. But it’s in winter, when the cold forces us indoors, that we should be interacting with all things colourful, uplifting and alive. Such as a bouquet of blooms.

Not all flowers perish in the winter. Amelia Toohey, florist and founder of The Flower Era, will be proving this during evening workshop, A Winter’s Eve. “People can expect to learn the basics of creating a natural and loose, hand-tied bouquet, some interesting tricks and tips for maintaining flowers at home and all the while enjoying delicious food, mulled drinks and new-found flower friends,” says Toohey.

It’s an opportunity to peek inside a bustling creative space called The Nest. The workshop is one of a series. “The seasonal workshops are about celebrating the natural beauty of the homegrown, seasonal produce available to us. I want to give people space to get creative, slow down and learn some skills they can be proud of.”

On the philosophy and style of her venture Toohey says: “The Flower Era is about celebrating the free and wild forms of homegrown seasonal flowers. I use them as true to their natural form as possible, eliminating traditional floristry teachings and constricted forms. I have many vintage vessels, sourced mostly from my travels, and they are integral to The Flower Era's style.

“I tend to use garden-style flowers over sculptural ones, and I almost never use tropical flowers as a general aesthetic choice. I guess my philosophy involves freedom for flowers and recognition for other not-so-popular blooms and weird spindly green stuff.

It’s the kind of evening to make you appreciate winter and put a few delightfully unexpected tricks up your sleeve.

A Winter’s Eve takes place on Saturday July 19 from 5pm–7.30pm.

The Nest
298 Botany Road, Alexandria

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