Without a Labrador-hugging, polar fleece-wearing couple in sight comes the ever-so-chic Four&Sons Journal, the debut print counterpart of the dog-centric digital magazine.

Founders Marta Roca and distinguished dog lover Christina Teresinski (of bespoke dog accessory brand Best in Park) first launched Four&Sons as a blog at the beginning of 2012 and this limited-edition print publication is a souvenir to mark their first anniversary, celebrating the work of artists, designers and writers inspired by their relationships with their hounds.

Covering art, design, fashion, music and lifestyle, Four&Sons breeds dog-centric content for people passionate about culture and creativity. Written by people who find dogs a constant source of inspiration, this issue features subjects like Quiksilver’s 1980s surf design icon ‘Ghetto Dog’ and photography spreads by Andrew Pinkham. Peel back the pages to reveal stylised portraits of dogs and their owners and see why this noble creature has been the focus of artists around the world for centuries. Roca says Four&Sons “is not necessarily for dog owners, but dog lovers” and celebrates a life alongside your dog, as opposed to a life that revolves around feeding and grooming them.

With the blog gaining popularity across the globe, the print edition is available across Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York and Los Angeles. Making the choice to stock Four&Sons in retail stores like Incu and Alpha60 is symbolic of their chosen demographic (this is not the type of publication you'll find lining the kennels of veterinary clinics).

The print issue was made possible by crowd funding and generous contributors and is a definite labour of love.

Roca and Teresinski found the more they reached out to artists, designers and bloggers, the greater their community of creative dog enthusiasts became. Roca says it’s still early days, but is hopeful for the future, with plans to possibly release a design issue showcasing the work of designers whose prime focus is to make sophisticated products for dogs and the people who love them.

Four&Sons Journal is available at Alpha60, Incu, Somedays, The Commons and The Standard Store.