Lucinda Mills was over “sweaty, smelly” hot yoga studios, so she opened her own in South Yarra, Melbourne. One Hot Yoga and Pilates, a venture by Mills and her husband Rob, is now in Sydney, and Lucinda is keen to reach as many people as possible.

“We opened in 2012 with the first core-body-temperature hot yoga studio in the world,” says Lucinda, referring to the 37-degree temperature set for certain classes. This design-driven yoga and Pilates studio is the result of “literally, the marriage between a yogi and an architect”. It features natural materials such as linen, leather and timber.

“[Rob] wanted to create this kind of barefoot luxury,” Lucinda says. “It was about creating a space which is extremely comfortable and extremely emotionally comfortable as well. We’re in a space where everything feels really solid; it’s an aesthetic that’s also deeply psychological.”

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The space is different, Lucinda says, because, unlike other hot yoga studios, there is constant airflow and rehydration in the heated space. Classes are offered at 37 degrees, as well as at 27 and 21 degrees for mat and reformer classes.

“It’s really velvety and it’s full of moisture,” she says. “It’s very hydrating to your skin and eyes. The space is also being pumped full of fresh air.”

Her goal for the space, which houses four studios, is to make yoga and Pilates more accessible. There are 100 classes every week at the Potts Point location (with nine different class types, including power flow and yin yoga as well as prenatal Pilates), with class times suited to those who work nine to five. Classes range from 45 to 60 minutes; mats are provided; and showers have organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner supplied.

“Part of what we believe in is mindful movement or meaningful movement,” Lucinda says. “The combination of Pilates and yoga seems to me to be the ultimate combination of strength, mindfulness and deep-seated empowerment.”

One Hot Yoga

34 Kellett Street, Potts Point


Mon to Fri 6am–9pm

Sat 7am–6pm

Sun 7am–8pm