“It’s just such a lovely space.” Those are the first words Sophie Geisser says when Broadsheet asks about the flower shop and style studio she recently opened with her husband, Dom. And she’s right – Eden & Bell is gorgeous.

Picture a pretty, white-painted Surry Hills terrace house with flower boxes out the front piled with colourful bunches of fresh and preserved bouquets. That’s what you’ll now find at 515 Crown Street.

Things have come a long way for the Geissers since 2017, when they started helping with flowers for their friends’ weddings, working from Sophie’s grandma’s shed. Four years on (and three kids later) they’re doing flowers for weddings and other events most weekends, and have finally moved their business out of their home (“as much as I loved having rooms in my house filled with beautiful flowers,” says Sophie).

Everything about Eden & Bell (Bell is Sophie’s maiden name), from its fit-out to its flower arrangements, is a lovely juxtaposition of old and new. Walk into the 100-plus-year-old building and you’ll notice an unexpected modern glass corner and a peach-coloured feature wall accented with neon-lit words: “for love and beauty”.

Then there’s the flowers.

“We design around a style, not flowers,” explains Sophie. “A lot of people come in and say, ‘I think she likes pink,’ or ‘They’ve got classic taste,’ so we’ve got different styles for every type.”

She doesn’t just mean every type of taste – there are also bunches for specific moods, including the aptly named “Moody One”, which “always has something a bit dark in it”. And whether you’re a natural at keeping blooms fresh or you struggle to stretch their lives out for a few days, there’s a bunch for you. And where many florists around town offer long-lasting pot-plant options, Sophie and Dom have gone down the route of dried and preserved bouquets. There are pre-made bunches, or you can create your own arrangement at the dried-flower bar.

“We have people bring in their pots and vases from home, and we help them put together a statement feature that can stay in their living room or bedroom for as long as they wish. Obviously we want people to come back, but it’s nice for them when they don’t have to for a while,” says Sophie.

“We wanted to make flowers approachable and affordable for everyone,” she adds. Eden & Bell’s bunches start at $30, and you get significant bang for your buck if you consider the cost-per-look price of everlasting dried arrangements.

As for styling weddings and events? That’s still the crux of Eden & Bell – and like at its retail store, ease and accessibility is at the heart of the offering. There’s a minimum spend, and everything is personalised from there. Sophie asks for inspiration – “their favourite living-room shots, their favourite holiday destinations, anything that tells me something about them as a couple” – and makes it her mission to turn those concepts into a floral reality. Dom, “the ideas man, planner, builder and craftsman”, plays a big part in that: “I have all these grand ideas of whimsical arbours, lush hanging installations, and he makes it happen,” says Sophie.

On the subject of ideas becoming reality: “I still can’t believe it. Crown Street was always the dream. I love Surry Hills because there’s such a beautiful mix of people: old, young, [different] cultures and backgrounds, people who have lots of money, people who don’t. It’s a beautiful mix of humanity, of life. It always feels alive”.

Eden & Bell
515 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Mon to Fri 9am–7pm
Sat & Sun 10am–4pm