Of Objects or Sound is a collection of new video works by Australian artists Gabriella and Silvana Mangano. The series was created during the identical twin sisters’ most recent artist residency, which was conducted with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn. The works combine unchoreographed performance with a set of found objects to form slow moving, meditative sculpture – each charting the interaction of the object with the body and space, through movement and repetitive rhythm and sound.

While wandering the footpaths of industrial Williamsburg, the artists collected abandoned and disregarded objects. “We’re very interested in the object in modern art,” explains Gabriella. “We wanted to give these found objects a new meaning, a new essence of what they could be in relation to us, as well as the connection to the city.”

Each video centres on an ordinary object and is set to a pace of 60 beats per minute – roughly the pace the artists took while walking the streets of New York. Dressed in matching black, the pair respond to the object within the rhythm, allowing the material to dictate their movement. In Walking Piece for Forms, the artists’ movement is informed by a sheet of white cardboard, while in the still Performance Compositions for Sculpture series, a pair of hands navigates brass rods, a wooden wheel and a red rubber band.

“Cities move at a different tempo, and your body moves differently when you travel, so it’s about being aware of all those subtle changes,” says Gabriella of the New York residency. It’s important to feel that you exist in that place and to have a connection to that place.”

Of Objects or Sound will show at Anna Schwartz Gallery until July 19.

Anna Schwartz Gallery
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh