Talia Golan began homewares brand Kesem Boy with a passion for traveling and an appreciation of cultural diversity as her inspiration. An interior designer by trade, Golan began planning the online store when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. Created, designed and distributed entirely by her, it was a lot to take on with a 10-day old bub in tow, but she loved every minute.

“It was really nice to dedicate all of my time and energy into growing something organically and by myself, especially doing it all while pregnant,” says Golan.

The concept of Kesem is simple: towels, bedding and pillows of a high quality designed locally. Everything about the business has roots in Golan’s own experiences abroad. The name “kesem” is the Hebrew word for magic, a phrase Golan and her friends used while travelling through India in their twenties.

“We’d meet really special people and we’d call them kesem boys or girls or mamas … It was the name of my interior design company and I carried it through to the site. I want to channel this magic of exploring different countries and cultures through my designs.”

Kesem Boy is produced in Amarante, Portugal, an area synonymous with quality textiles. “I drew inspiration from Missoni’s products; doing some research I found they were made in this area of Portugal.” After being in constant communication with her Portuguese supplier and continually testing fabrics, Kesem Boy finally launched in mid-2016.

She can see clearly how moving to Bondi from Melbourne has influenced her. “The patterns for this collection are definitely influenced by the sun and the surf; beach culture,” she says.

“I would love to keep growing the brand. Because I’ve just had a baby, my mind keeps thinking about baby products, which I never thought would happen.”

Kesem Boy is available online, with some wholesale items available through Greenhouse Interiors in Melbourne.