Inviting your friends to brunch just got that much easier – the long-awaited avocado emoji has finally been included in Apple’s newest iOS 10.2 update.

Joining the avo are other foodmojis such as a baguette, croissant, bacon, kiwi fruit, stuffed pita, salad and paella. The sushi offering has also been expanded; a piece of salmon nigiri rightfully joins the roster alongside the tuna.

“There are lots of weapon emojis to pair with the avocado to convey your favourite brunch, such as the hammer, sword or cricket bat," says Emily Naismith, editor of the Emoji Food Review and Broadsheet’s branded-content director.

"There are a few phallic items to switch up from the eggplant, such as the carrot and the baguette, but, strangely, the cucumber is sliced. I’m excited about the addition of a glass of milk. No longer do I have to look like a creep describing a milkshake using the baby bottle,” she says.

“And who’d have thought kiwifruit would make made the cut?"

There’s also a timely inclusion of clinking glasses of champagne and a sick face, just in time for New Year’s.

Apple has also added male and female chefs and farmers, as well as an emoji we didn’t even know we needed: a drooling face.