In 2014, Melbourne design duo Denver & Liely created a gorgeously sleek whisky glass. Sitting somewhere between a tumbler and a snifter, it has sensual, distinct “hips” and funnelled into a tulip shape, like a wine glass. They only made around 100 as Christmas presents for family and friends. Demand exploded, and designers Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner are now up to batch eight and stocking the glasses internationally from Singapore to Germany.

Now the pair has launched a new hand-blown gin glass. Whether you’re a gin freak or a casual drinker, if you’ve invested in good gin, this is the best way to enjoy it.

If you test the gin glass alongside a regular tumbler, you’ll find the botanicals intensify enormously – similar to what a good wine glass does.

“The glass helps funnel and concentrate those wonderful aromatics distillers work so hard to include,” Cramer explains.

While the whisky glass is squat with pronounced hips, the new gin glass is slimmer.

Also, because many people drink gin in a cocktail, the glass is better built for that. The waist of the glass curves inwards at about 120 millilitres, helping the drinker intuitively calculate the right overall amount of liquid for most gin cocktails before adding garnish and ice.

And if you prefer to sip straight gin, you can essentially free-pour up to the hipline of the glass.

Cramer and Faulkner worked closely with a number of gin distillers and bartenders to design the perfect gin vessel; including Jason Chan from West Winds Gin, Cameron MacKenzie from Four Pillars and Dave Kerr from The Beaufort Bar.

Do you really need a glass for your whisky, and a glass for your gin? Not really. Gin would go down very well in Denver & Liely’s whisky glass, and vice versa. But if you love gin, this is the best glassware to enjoy it from. And it’s not bad to look at, either.

Denver and Liely’s gin glasses are available online for $55 each.