Earlier this year, Cho Cho San won an Australian Interior Design Award. There’s no question the restaurant space is beautiful, but you wouldn’t say it takes your breath away. In fact, it works because it doesn’t grab your attention. Each individual element is so well considered, you could be forgiven for not noticing how well they complement one another.

Chatting with George Livissianis, the architect behind Cho Cho San, it’s clear that at the restaurant, each individual object has its place.

“For me, the spaces are so simple and we’ve designed them with as few gestures as possible, so you can’t really take one of those out,” he says. “It’s about understanding that balance of what we’re trying to achieve, and that’s not necessarily present and visible straight away.”

It’s that thought which inspires this collection of images. The impact a single object can have on an entire venue can be huge, and no-one knows this better than our city's top restaurateurs and cafe owners.

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz Design Awards by Broadsheet have now closed. The finalists have been selected and the winner will be announced on September 17.

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