A technicolour lens flare interrupts a surfer’s onscreen descent for a second – like a heartbeat – and for that second you are on the wave with him, weightless, the ocean gliding past beneath your feet.

In 1972, it was the film that inspired a generation of surfers to leave their home breaks and wander the globe in search of spiritual harmony and perfect waves. Four decades later and it continues to inspire – its contemporary relevance validated by the fact that it continues to sell better than any other Australian surfing film.

This summer, in celebration of its ruby anniversary, Albert Falzon’s Morning of the Earth will tour the east coast of Australia in a series of live concerts. The original film has been re-edited and remastered, and will be scored live by performers from its original soundtrack – Brian Cadd and Tim Gaze (Tamam Shud) – and special guests Mike Rudd (Spectrum), Lior and Gyan.

At the time of Morning of the Earth’s original release, Falzon was quoted: “The film has no commentary. The songs are the statements, the information the viewer will hear. They are songs of the sun, moon, sky and sea. They are the songs of people, places and ideas. They are songs of freedom, peace and waves.”

Played on repeat on countless car stereos during surf missions over the decades since, these songs have also come to be the songs of summer, adventure and friendship. They transport us to a simpler time and imbue in us something of the true spirit of surfing.

Morning of the Earth tour dates:
Sydney Opera House – Sunday February 5

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