Hard to believe, but it has been ten years since Campbell Milligan and Chris Searl tore open the boxes of the first edition of their surf-skate-art publication, Monster Children.

Actually, they tore open quite a few boxes. As an interview in the handsome new hardcover celebrating the 10th anniversary reveals, the guys were wildly ambitious about their first issue. “We thought we could print 20,000 copies and sell them all and be fucking laughing,” says Milligan. “Still to this day issue one is everywhere. We’ve thrown so many out over the years but still in the storeroom there are a fuck-tonne of those things.”

But, despite a few hitches in the early days, Searl and Milligan clearly knew what they were doing. The title’s blend of innovative design, great photography and ‘dude culture’ made the publication a hit.

To properly mark not only the survival, but the prospering of a resolutely physical publication in the digital age, Monster Children has gone all out with a lavishly turned-out, 300 page hardcover book.

The folio-sized anthology collects interviews with collaborators like Mike O’Meally, Chris Nieratko and Andy Jenkins, some of the best stories from over Monster Children’s 10 years, and a huge selection of photographs and design features from the mag, including some of the best looking skate and surf shots you’re likely to see.

The producers have also caught up with some of the people they’ve written about over the years, including Steph Gilmore, Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas and Evan Hecox. There’s also a classily-produced series of its ‘Page 33’ girls all shot by the publisher - who’s also a talented photographer - Searl himself.

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Monster Children: Ten is available from monsterchildren.com and from bookstores all around the country.