“I didn’t really intend to move beyond something I did in my bedroom,” says Megan Clune of World’s Only magazine, now three years old and getting ready to print its fourth edition.

World’s Only profiles emerging classical musicians and artists. It also features performance artists and untrained musicians who use elements of the classical tradition in their craft. The editorial team is made up of local musicians, artists and young writers intent on getting inside the heads of the genre-bending people who inspire them. “It’s a conversation, musician to musician, about their lives,” says Clune.

Issue four focuses on those who work in the background. Brian Reitzell, the music producer for director Sophia Coppola (Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides), and local producer Ivan Vizintin are featured. So is violinist, sound artist and composer Lina Lapelyte, composer Tyondai Braxton, formerly of Battles, and ambient guitar project, Novella.

The team behind the magazine also runs Musical Alaska, a night that acts as the magazine’s live counterpart. “Like the magazine, we present music of many genres, often on the one bill,” says Clune. “I think it’s really important to not only give people the space to hear this music, but also for the musicians to perform in a low-key and relaxed environment where they can experiment and try new stuff.” Sydney artists Guerre, Moon Holiday and Ivan Vizintin have performed at previous events, which present predominately classical music in an accessible environment – a welcome change from traditional concert halls.

Clune is committed to keeping World’s Only focused on its initial intention. “It’s reached a certain level of visibility now and it’s hard but important to keep it personal, and to continue to make it something we all really enjoy working on – based around all of our tastes and people that we really admire.”

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