Merivale has moved into the floristry business. It will open Palings Flowers in the Ivy laneway next Monday, September 4.

Arriving just in time for spring, the new store will operate under the creative direction of Merivale’s in-house florist, Hannah Coomber, and offers a comprehensive flower service in the heart of the CBD. The store will focus on unusual and interesting varieties, with an emphasis on tailor-made bouquets and unlikely combinations.

The design of the store will echo the same ornate attention to detail as Justin Hemmes’s other venues. Justin and Bettina Hemmes, Sophie Thé and Ricky James wanted to create a space that feels like you’re stepping into a floral apothecary.

Coomber’s arrangements have been earning the admiration of diners at restaurants such as est. and Mr. Wong ever since she joined the hospitality group as an in-house florist in 2015.

“I’m often stopped in a venue and asked about our floral displays,” says Coombers. “I thought the Palings Lane boutique was the perfect space to not only display some of the florals we use across the group, but to also allow our guests to purchase the stunning varieties we source from the flower market.”

Palings Flowers opens on Monday September 4.