Masculin Féminin is an exhibition in two parts, taking its title from the Jean-Luc Godard film of 1966. While the works exhibited are not thematically linked to the title or Godard’s film, the two parts of the exhibition are divided along gender lines, with part one comprising female artists and part two logically concluding with seven male artists.

The exhibition will feature works by emerging and established Australian artists from the Sarah Cottier stable and span mediums from video to painting and sculpture. Highlights include Matt Hinkley’s intricate, delicately carved white sphere, Todd Macmillan’s video work titled Cloud Study – an exploration of romantic gesture and melancholia by way of a cloudy sky and a rocking boat – and Koji Ryui’s quartet of extraordinary new sculptural works created from prosaic hardware store materials.

Masculin Féminin is a remarkable summary of the many facets of Australian contemporary art in Sydney.

Masculin Féminin (part two) opens tonight at Sarah Cottier Gallery and runs until April 21.