Melissa Carey started her first art business at 12 years old. She taught herself the art of macramé, a repetitive series of knotting, and sold friendship bracelets in her local Perth community. Now Carey creates art installations and runs craft workshops from her studio in Alexandria.

She moved to Sydney two years ago after a sabbatical in the corporate world “I had a light-bulb moment,” she says. “I could run craft workshops. I could combine my office skills with my passion for art – the perfect balance.

“There’s a massive movement at the moment – people want to get back into creating things with their hands,” says Carey. “I get such a diverse range of people attending the workshops, including a couple that were in Sydney for four days on their honeymoon!”

Workshops now include learning to make lace dreamcatchers, terrariums, candles and macramé wall hangings.

As well as attempting to rejuvenate craft’s “daggy” reputation, the workshops have a focus on environmental sustainability. Most of the materials used are eco-friendly, including the recycled T-shirt yarn used for the macramé projects.

Held in the shared warehouse, The Space in Alexandria, the workshops are conducted among a hive of creativity. The Space, its entrance a giant corrugated iron door covered in street art, houses a variety of local and international artists and creatives.

Tickets to the workshops include all essential materials, homemade treats and allow you to leave with your very own art piece.

Workshops can be booked through Melissa Carey’s website.