Sometimes the little details make a house feel like home: like a Maison Balzac candle you catch the scent of as you walk into a room. So we’re pleased to hear our favourite Sydney candle maker has developed a supporting cast of homewares accessories to give our days an extra soupçon of style and elegance. From wick scissors to drinking glasses, we asked the brand’s creator, Elise Pioch Balzac, to talk us through the three new products in its “not candles” collection.

La Guillotine – matte black, stainless-steel wick scissors

“We are candle makers at heart and felt the need to offer essential accessories to look after the products we make. Good tools make life easier in general, so we designed the simplest and most effective wick scissors we could, trying to add elegance to the insignificant gesture of trimming wicks before lighting them again. And as usual we are also being playful (the name “la guillotine” is inspired by the famous French technique) because the business of candles shouldn't be taken too seriously.”

La Cloche – a mouth-blown cloche to cover candles and keep the waxed surface free of dust

“One of my passions is to lose myself in antique and flea markets, locally but mainly in France, and I have always been attracted to the shapes of glass cloches from the 1800s to early 1900s. They had a flat top and an ornate knob that I wanted to bring to our own version. Each of them is hand-blown, then housed in a handmade hatbox, like the paper boxes I have collected since forever.”

Gobelets – a set of four mouth-blown drinking glasses

“We are lucky to have found one of the best glass manufacturers in the world, who have been making each candle glass for us since day one. We thought it would be a shame not to develop more products with them, knowing the level of quality and care they bring to everything they do. We designed the new glass cloche with them, then we asked for drinking-glass samples in three colours. We used these glasses in our showroom for a few months before we realised we systematically chose to drink from these over any other glasses we had in the kitchen. This meant that we had to add these to our collection of “not candles”. We hope people will fall in love with these, the same way we have.

“This is just the beginning. We already have five new products in the making. I can only unveil one of them for now: it will be the most unusual matchbox you have ever seen!”