Your coffee table may be littered with annotated takeaway menus and scrawled-upon bills, or maybe you have the nous to buy a notebook? Regardless, it’s time you make room for someone else’s Mad Deep Thoughts.

Published by Perimeter Editions, Mad Deep Thoughts is a refreshingly flirtatious collection of works by Melbourne-based artist, Riley Payne.

Perimeter Editions is the new in-house publishing imprint of our very own contributing editor Dan Rule and wife Justine Ellis, of Perimeter Books, and this is the first title in what promises to be a burgeoning list of limited-run artist books.

Mad Deep Thoughts showcases Payne’s meticulous graphite-on-paper drawings – amalgamations of the florid, unnerving and ordinary. “Almost all of the series that I've worked on have started out with the purest intentions, but eventually give way to underlying smut or sarcasm – I guess as a way to curb the indulgence that comes with making personal works,” he says.

Monochrome with flashes of colour, it’s an experience that will have you turning pages and then flipping back to ponder on the cigarette-smoking carrot men and flowering gherkin. Payne says: “For me, the title sums it up. You could think I'm declaring that my thoughts are truly mad and deep, but you’ll see that at the same time I'm acknowledging mundane and even vulgar things, and trying to give them a little more weight through the labour-intensive medium I work in.”

You will peer over Antonio Canova’s Sleeping Nymph, cradling a neon hotdog sign, lick your chops and then you stumble on a page of perfectly formed bottoms – an eye drawn on each cheek, palm trees the backdrop.

Mad Deep Thoughts is $20 and is available at Perimeter Books in Melbourne, the MCA Store and Kinokuniya in Sydney and online here.