Rouse Phillips Textiles is the lovechild of Anastasia Phillips and Tim Rouse. A mash-up of vibrant art deco and Indian-influenced graphics (printed on 100 per cent cotton) for soft furnishings and upholstery, their striking, versatile product is for prettying up the humble abode.

The pair met in 2007, both sharing a love for textiles and design. Rouse had just finished his visual communications degree, while Phillips had completed a bachelor of fine arts majoring in screen-printing.

The pair combined their skills and were soon producing fabrics for high-end designers such as Ginger & Smart and Lisa Ho, but the desire to go their own way wouldn’t abate. "We wanted to create fabrics that would stand the test of time," says Phillips, shying away from the constraints of trends and single-season longevity.

Their golden ticket came in the form of a Clover Moore initiative. In October 2011, the City of Sydney decided to fill vacant, city-owned spaces on Oxford Street by enlisting a bunch of up-and-coming designers. And in January 2012, they had a home for their homewares.

Many Rouse Phillips designs stem from hand-drawn sketches. Next, they choose colours and move onto production. "I spent a year researching manufacturers to find a company that I was happy with to provide the quality and workmanship we wanted," explains Phillips. A family business in Nepal creates their hand-knotted carpets and their fabrics are also crafted offshore.

Their goal is to rekindle the creative fire that swept through Australia in the 70s, before cookie-cutter carbon copies ruled the homewares market. "We want people to be able to find something other than all the homogenous products that you find everywhere else," says Phillips. "We're just trying to do something different."

Rouse Phillips Textiles studio is open by appointment.

Level 2, Suite 7, 66 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst