Lifestyle is one of those terms that is often used but never quantified. We think we understand what it means (the stuff that you do in your life, right?) but lifestyle is so much more than the sum of its parts. For Lauren Davidson and Simon De Graaf, lifestyle is the heart and soul of their existence. Partners in business and in love, Davidson and De Graaf have channelled their passion for discovery, travel and the home into their most recent venture, the newly launched online store Girl & Graaf.

“The Girl & Graaf lifestyle is actually about slowing down,” Davidson says, “and creating a home that can act as an enriching and interesting base for your exploration of the wider world.” Girl & Graaf features items for the home (Falcon Enamelware and hand-loomed cotton towels), for the self (stripy pyjamas by British label Poplin) and for life (roomy tote bags and Paper Sugar stationery). The result is an intelligent mix of products that evoke beach getaways or mornings spent in bed planning holidays – in short, a lifestyle worth living.

The unique aesthetic of the store is a result of Davidson and De Graaf’s attention to detail. “We try to focus on the story behind the brand,” Davidson says, “the creative minds out there showcasing their love for beauty and design through their products.” The tightly edited selection – 10 brands at this stage, but the store is constantly growing – is fulfilling in its own way. Indeed, it’s clear that everything at Girl & Graaf has been chosen for a reason.

In addition, Davidson and De Graaf have just added ‘rare finds’ to the store – limited-edition items that have both artistic and functional purposes – and they hope to increase the selection over time. But first, the pair have to plan their next trip. They’ll be mixing business and pleasure, scouting for items to add to the store as well as new cultural experiences.

And the destination? “We’re having trouble deciding!” Davidson admits. Wherever they choose, we can’t wait to see their evolving lifestyle reflected in Girl & Graaf.