Ben Elbourne and Sarah Spackman of The Fortynine Studio and Georgina Reid of The Planthunter fame quickly realised they had a lot in common: a passion for plants and good design. The Lazy Season project came out of a desire to celebrate and engage with the natural world with a practical, innovative design solution.

“We wanted to elevate the humble plant pot, and consequently the plant in it, to the place we think it should occupy within our living environments; not as an afterthought, but as one of the most important and soulful elements within an indoor or outdoor space,” says Reid.

The idea was in development for about eight months. “We had cups of tea in my backyard and talked about things we might want to create,” says Reid. “It just evolved; we’re really proud.”

Handcrafted in Sydney, the pots are made of locally sourced terracotta and feature a solid-bronze, sand-cast prop. There will be just 49 pots made at The Fortynine Studio’s Darlinghurst workshop. Hand-written edition numbers are imprinted on the wicking floor of each pot.

With a focus on quality design, craftsmanship and local materials, the Lazy Season is a clever self-watering pot that allows the plant to face the sun wherever it is in the sky. By adjusting the position of the bronze wedge, the pot can adapt to the angle of the sun ensuring the plant thrives year round.

Thoughtful and considered, the unglazed pots are finished with a combination of botanically inspired colours in a circular formation at the base, referencing the changes in the sun’s angle between summer and winter.

“The design asks you to be playful with the pot, to change the angle and have fun with it so the scale was really important. It needed to be light enough to pick up and move around readily, but large enough to hold enough soil to grow a medium-sized plant happily,” says Spackman.

“We wanted the Lazy Season to be something we would use in our own homes; a pot that provides the perfect home for your plant and is just as beautiful as the plant it holds. So much so that you want to keep it on your benchtop or on your kitchen table.”

The limited-edition pots will be on display at Small Spaces in Redfern until May 21.