It’s not often that we’re granted access to an artist’s creative world, be they a filmmaker, singer, painter or dancer. We simply witness the finished product, with little to no indication of the work that was invested in producing that work of art. La Práctica, a collaborative blog between photographer Justin Ridler and Sydney Dance Company, documents the creative development of Rafael Bonachela’s major work, 2 One Another.

The upcoming production celebrates relationships, interactions and the beauty of the human form. So it is fitting that Ridler’s fly-on-the-wall photography focuses on fleeting glimpses of the dancers in various candid states. The brilliant black and white photographs offer a simplicity that hones the focus back on the individual subjects and presents them in their most graceful of forms.

Careful not to give away too much (although we do get a glance of their amazing mesh panelled costumes), the photographs give little indication as to what the finished work will resemble. What we see is the hard work, concentration and of course the fun the dancers have when they get a chance to let their chignons down.

If you’re going to see 2 One Another next month, make sure to check La Práctica from time to time as it’s updated regularly. If you’re not going to the show, you might find you’ll want to check it out anyway.

2 One Another plays at The Sydney Theatre from March 9 to 31.