After spending a lot of time in Guatemala, we saw our fair share of piñatas. They’re a staple of any Guatemalan celebration. Since returning to Australia we’ve been teaching others how to make something you love and then bash it to bits to get lollies.[fold]


• triangle shape template (downloadable from our site)
• a giant cardboard box, flattened
• scalpel
• ruler
• pencil
• masking tape
• lollies, party gifts, confetti or anything!
• tissue paper
• glue
• string (extra decorations such as feathers, beads or tassels are optional)
• needle
• whacking stick (make a fancy one or just use a plain old stick)


Step 1. Print the template from The Windsor Workshop. You can do this at home or take it to a printer to have it printed on A3 paper for a mega piñata.

Step 2. Trace along the solid lines of the template onto your cardboard 12 times, then cut out the shapes. This will give you six triangles for the top and six for the bottom.

Step 3. Fold your cardboard along the dotted lines. If the cardboard is thick, lightly run your scalpel along the line to help make a crease.

Step 4. Using masking tape, join six of the cut-out triangles together point to point. This will form a kind of cone shape and will be the top of your piñata. Be mindful of ‘bashability’ when you are going nuts with the masking tape. Who’s going to be bashing your piñata? How easily do you want this thing broken?

Step 5. Repeat Step 3 using the remaining six triangles; this will be your base.

Step 6. Throw in your lollies and other goodies. Join the top and bottom pieces together with masking tape. This is the body of your piñata.

Step 7. Create your own decorations using the tissue paper. You can cut scallop shapes, triangles, squares, circles or fringe – you’re the boss!

Step 8. Now it’s time to start sticking. Starting from the bottom, paste your layers on top of one another so you create fringe upon fringe upon fringe.

Step 7. Once you've finished decorating, use a needle threaded with string to punch a hole through the top of the cardboard to hang up your piñata. For extra decoration punch another string through the bottom and load it up with tassels and feathers.

Step 8. Hang and bash!

Visit The Windsor Workshop website for details on upcoming craft classes, or to organise a piñata-making workshop for your next party.

Download the template here.