The artist’s studio is an intriguing place. While our experience of our favourite artists’ work is often limited to the final fruits of their labour, the studio reveals evidence of process, inspiration and persistence in its purest form.

At La Casa – an idyllic beachfront destination that doubles as a studio for musicians, painters, photographers and even chefs – we’re provided with some rare insight into this process, directly from the source. A little sanctuary, carefully constructed by Corona, this is a place where artists are free to create.

Curated by accomplished filmmaker Taylor Steele, the La Casa artist residencies showcase each of the invited guests at work, from their quiet moments of reflection to collaborative brainstorming efforts, along with the realisation of their ideas. So far, the house has welcomed Julia Stone, Alpine, Matt Yeates and David Bromley, just to name a few.

Steele believes that the project, captured via his own lens, provides a rare insight into the mind of an artist and the nature of artistic collaboration. “The house makes surfers out of musicians, musicians out of artists and artists out of surfers," he says.

“We find out what an artist likes to create with and make sure there is something that would pique an interest in their field, be it a vintage guitar or piano, some unique canvases, an array of surfboards or quality fresh food.”

Artist David Bromley explains that La Casa’s humble setting is ideal for producing work. “A great environment is often conducive to helping inspiration grow,” he says. “This [La Casa] is a classic environment that helps feed creativity.”

As one of Australia’s most collected contemporary artists, Bromley is quick to praise the time he spent at La Casa, describing the experience as “just how it should be – hanging in a good place, making art”.

So with that in mind, we’ll be sending some of the nation’s best creatives to La Casa to do exactly what they’ve become renowned for. Whether it be a chef, designer or craftsman, these residencies will provide you with a close look into the inner workings of each resident artist.

Here at Broadsheet, our love for good food and creative dining is constantly at the forefront of discussion, so we’ll be kicking things off by sending the team from Melbourne Pub Group’s soon to be launched Acland St Cantina to La Casa.

Headed by Paul Wilson and Julian Gerner, along with the talents of Acland St Cantina’s new head chef Dan Hawkins and graphic designer Daanen Nootenboom, the team will be spending their time on location to develop and create a Mexican feast from local and seasonal ingredients.

Food is key to our survival, but indulging in fine fare is where we all find comfort, so this La Casa residency will provide you with a piece of treasured knowledge and teach you exactly how to do the same.

There is more to come, so keep on the lookout. We’ll be presenting further inspiring projects at La Casa in the coming months that we think are well worth your while.

The Board from Corona Extra on Vimeo.