It’s been getting lighter in the morning of late, and it’s not just the change in season. Kip & Co bedding is brightening our days.

The three ladies behind the bedding - Alex van der Sluys, Hayley Pannekoecke and Kate Heppell - are bringing a new colour and energy to our bedrooms for summer.

It’s their first range and to celebrate they’ve called it Confetti Storm SS12. It’s a colourful collection of boutique linens that will have you hosting sleepovers just to show off your bedroom’s new attire.

With explosions of bright neons and sharp patterns that can be mixed and matched, Kip & Co have found a gap in the market for something cute and colourful, yet with a distinct design sensibility. From psychedelic pillowcases with bright triangle patterns and polka quilt covers in chocolate browns and canary yellows to velvet cushions in caviar and peach hues, Kip & Co bring it to life.

Just like confetti, the range has been designed so you can throw all the pieces together in a frenzied celebration of colour and movement.

Kip & Co bedding is available online and at Project 82 in Sydney.