Artists Sam Mitchell-Fin and Juliet Rosser opened PLATFORM72 to give New South Wales artists a commercial space to experiment with their work and promote networking with clients and customers in their local area.

Enter Newcastle-based artist Karl Claydon. His work – a collection of timepieces and furnishings – is unique at the very least and handcrafted in his studio. Perched between fine art and useful, every day design, his works are made from wood, metal and silver among other material. Claydon makes clocks, lamps and coffee machines that resemble props from a Tim Burton film – dark, surreal and a little bit twisted.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you stop and take a closer look, which is exactly the idea behind PLATFORM72. In reclaiming the rundown end of Oxford Street, the space has created a very visible forum for creative locals to share their wares with the community.

In addition, Claydon’s remarkable works are not easy to come by outside of his Newcastle base, making this current showing at PLATFORM72 particularly significant.

72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Tues to Fri 11am–7pm
Sat 11am–6pm
Sun 11am–5pm