It’s recommended we drink eight glasses everyday, but very rarely do we think about where our water comes from. Sydney-based artist, and Australian representative for the 2015 Climate Change Conference, Janet Laurence, wants to change this. She’s starting with her experimental art installation H20: Water Bar.

The installation is set in Paddington Reservoir Gardens; art-goers will enter the inner chamber of the reservoir and see the laboratory-like bar, surrounded by vessels filled with a variety of waters from different springs from across Australia, mostly from Queensland to Tasmania.

“The idea is that the people will come in and taste these different waters in test tubes while being told about them,” says Laurence. “You’ll experience the different tastes, understand the origins and why waters taste different to each other. It is to make us think about this vital element of our lives and its fragility.”

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H20: Water Bar will also host a series of discussions, performances, debates and film screenings. Speakers include Laurence and climate-change and water experts Dr Georgina Woods, who is also a Greenpeace campaigner; Kaia Hodge of Sydney Water and more.

“Water is gulped down; we take it for granted,” says Laurence. “I hope people will understand the amazing journey water takes, and also experience the inner chamber of the Paddington Reservoir which is so rarely open to the public.”

There will also be water available for your pup so, bring your dog.

H20: Water Bar by Janet Laurence is a free installation as part of Art & About Sydney at the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. It will run from Saturday February 13–28.

Thu & Sun, 6pm–8.30pm.

Sat, 3pm–5pm and 6pm–8.30pm.