For all the cool iPad-friendly publications available today, sometimes nothing feels better than that cool, crisp feeling and fresh paper smell of a newly opened book or magazine. The newly launched MADE Quarterly will ensure that you’re privy to such a sensory treat.

Developed and launched by Published by Process, the Melbourne-based publisher of a host of design publications and the quarterly Process Journal, MADE focuses on inspirational individuals from around the world who create incredible things, ranging from industrial design, architecture, to the culinary world (their debut issue features custom-built motorbikes and popsicles). The publication’s subjects are those who appreciate the time and effort it takes to make great things happen.

Each feature story delves into the thinking and philosophy of such creative individuals to explore what drives them to create the work they do. The eight main stories also feature beautiful images, which give readers a glimpse into the subjects’ work and life.

Like their creatively-inclined subjects, Hunt Studio, the Melbourne design company behind MADE’s exceptional design quality has put in the time and effort to make sure the publication’s content and design can be enjoyed for a long time.

MADE Quarterly will be available in over 100 galleries, bookstores and magazine retailers Australia-wide, including Magnation.