Pannier bags and racks are the go for storing your gear. Brands such as Ortlieb are fully waterproof and much better than a backpack if you want to avoid a sweat-drenched shirt. For those who want the best of both worlds, some panniers double as backpacks. If your job demands business attire, the Henty Wingman can store a full suit and shoes without crumpling.

Keeping your bike running smoothly is much easier than you think. A good, non-wax-based wet lube (from $10) applied every couple of weeks or after you’ve ridden in the rain, protects your chain against the ’sand paper’ effect of grit and road grime. Apply a good amount while back-rolling your chain, wiping off the grime with a rag.

Most good lights now are USB-rechargeable, super-bright LEDs with a number of different blink patterns. At minimum, have front (white) and back (red) flashing lights, but a backpack and helmet light are good ideas too. If you do a lot of night-riding, get a high-vis vest. They’re $5 and can be found in a surprising amount of variety shops.

Stay Upright, Stay Dry
If your bike has slick road tyres, you might feel more confident with a grippier, all- weather tyre (from $60). They’re versatile, more durable and help with with riding on varied surfaces. Fenders (mudguards) are a great investment (from $90). They protect your back from being sprayed with water and road grime, as well as keep your chain clean.

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