Props stylist Caitlin Melling, who has a keen interest in and talent with all things of the flora kind, has set up a little pre-Christmas business making and selling wreaths at Bondi’s Porch Bread & Wine Parlour.

“While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a florist,” says Melling, “I did study botany at university for a few years in Canada before relocating to Sydney. My biggest preoccupations are food and flowers, so the wreaths at Porch are a welcome combination of the two.”

Pick up a combination of fragrant jasmine vine and blackberry, or a more herbal mix of rosemary, lemon verbena and thyme, which if you decide smells too delicious to resist, would make a welcome addition to your roast chicken come Christmas dinner, as they'll dry beautifully.

Smaller wreaths start at an accessible price of $25, and they’ll be available from Porch right up until Christmas Eve.

Caitlin Melling is also available for custom orders for pickup of delivery. You can contact her on 0402 546 250 or at